07 January, 2013

The city of Lux

This weekend (and still tomorrow) there is a light art even in Helsinki called Lux Helsinki. There is different light art pieces all around the city center and yesterday I went to see most of them. It was horribly cold as I didn't dress up properly, but also very beautiful to see and experience with a lot of other people.

Here are few photos I took of the art.

Emergence at Senaatintori is a wonderful video and music piece where the light/video is reflected on the cathedral.

In the entrance of Baana is Memory of Stone.
Sodium Sun at Kansalaistori. I really loved the long shadows it created when people were standing there and walking by.

Little Spirits at the yard of Hakasalmi huvila was truely beautiful and somewhat hypnotic. This is the one to visit if you want to visit a fairy tail.

An other magical experience was the Lantern Park in Hesperia Park. How ever it was also utterly impossible to photograph as it was bunch of lanterns hanging from trees around the park. This was the best shot I got out of many and even this isn't particularly good...

The last one I visited was Cosmogole at Finnish National Opera Amphitheatre. This might have been my favorite of them all.

I also saw Reveal at Baana, which was nice, part of Kehrä -Disk at Kiasma yard and Linear Array at Kiasma. And I know that Variant Spectrum 2 at the Olympic Stadium is great too. So if you haven't checked these things out yet and have some time tomorrow, do go and see them. It's definitely worth it.

* * *
 Kävin kaupungilla ihastelemassa Lux Helsinki tapahtuman upeita valotaideteoksia.   

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