Who do I read?

Here is a list of some of the blogs I like to read. Some are in English, some in Finnish and the list is most likely rather incomplete, but I try to update it as time goes on.

Hupsistarallaa - Terhi's blog is in Finnish and she writes very amuzing anecdotes about her life and shares some great crafty projects and ideas.

Ikomi - Inari writes in Finnish and in English about her life and crafty projects and takes beautiful pictures.

Langalla Kalliossa - Essi writes in Finnish about things she knits and the things she knits are mainly ingredibly cool.

Neuloo ja purkautuu - Knitting and life, written with a grain of salt. snna k's attitude in this Finnish written blog is just wonderful!

Nörttitytöt - A geek girl community blog written in Finnish where a ton of geek girls (and sometimes even men) write about nerdy things and girl things. 

Prahan keväässä - Johanna writes in Finnish about writing and Czech republic and Prague (and other things too).

Silmukan saalistus - Another lovely knitting blog in Finnish.

 Virkattu lintu - Annis cute knitting/crocheting blog written in Finnish

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