02 January, 2013

13 for 13

I make no new years resolutions but here is 13 goals I give to myself for the coming year.

2012 I visited Barcelona. What will be the next adventure?
  1. Do a big knitting work such as a blanket or a cardigan.
  2. Write to this blog regularly. I'll aim to once a week, because I have to get over the idea that the posts need to be big and great.
  3. Get my drivers license. I signed up for the course today!
  4. Photograph more. I have a lovely new camera and nice older cameras and none of them get to be used as much as they'd deserve.
  5. Learn new things in the kitchen and try out a new recipe at least once a month.
  6. Get into the habit of doing some kind of exercise at least once a week. 
  7. Read 52 books in a year. (A goal I have every year, but it doesn't make it any worse.)
  8. Write every day a small note about something good that happened to my "The very best of 2013 every day" jar so I have lot of good memories to remind myself of one year from now. (Inspiration)
  9. Loose some weight. I'm overweight and for health reasons would be rather happy not to be.
  10. Travel. Somewhere. In Finland or abroad. Or maybe even both.
  11. Lear some new type of grafting, quilting for example.
  12. Go to see a movie, play, concert or something like that at least once per month.
  13. Get my own kitchen herb "garden" on the windowsill.
There. Lets see how I'll do.

* * *
En tee uudenvuoden lupauksia, mutta ohessa on lista 13 tavoitteesta, jotka asetin itselleni tulevaksi vuodeksi. Saas nähdä, miten näiden kanssa menee.

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