22 January, 2013

10 things I need

If you could have just 10 things (furniture, items of clothing, tools or other objects that are not disposable commodities), what would you need to get by? This was a question asked by the top Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat bit over a week ago. A very interesting question I'd say and not an easy one to answer. 

The whole question was inspired by an article written about a new Finnish documentary called My Stuff (in Finnish Tavarataivas). The documentary is about a 20-somehting man, Petri Luukkainen, who decides to put all the things he owns to a storage unit starting from the beginning of the year to try out how much he really needed to get by. According to the rules he was allowed to get back from the storage unit only one item per day.

I haven't seen this documentary yet, mainly because it only has it's premiere tomorrow (January 23th) at DocPoint film festival, but I'm definitely interested. The project documented in the film is obviously very extreme, but already the articles I've read about it have made me thing about how much stuff I have and what do I actually need. I guess this also hit me at the right point of time as I was already doing some decluttering at home, but it also gave me more ideas to chew on.

How many of these things do I actually need?

Oh, and what were those 10 things I chose for the HS quiz? I based my choises on the idea that I should be able to do the most important things in my daily life such as domy job and to keep contact with people. Basically to be able to keep up some level of normal life. Here are the items I chose:
  • pants
  • a shirt
  • shoes
  • a jacket
  • a bra
  • public transportations travel card
  • eyeglasses
  • a computer
  • a mattress
  • a blanket

So, which 10 items would you choose?

* * *
Helsingin Sanomat kysyi verkkosivuillaan, mitkä kymmenen tavaraa valitsisit, jos et saisi käyttää mitään muuta. Ohesta löytyvät ne vastauset, jotka itse annoin tähän kyselyyn.


  1. Ehdottomasti tahdon minäkin nähdä tämän dokkarin. Olen joskus katsonut pari jaksoa jotain hamstrausohjelmia, mutta niissä pointti on ollut vähän muualla. Hienoa, että on tehty kuvaa tällaisesta näkökulmasta! Moni voisi varmasti saada paljonkin irti siitä, että miettisi uudestaan suhdettaan tavaroihin. :)

    1. Hamstrausohjelmat ovat kiehtovia ja kamalia samaan aikaan. Ne ovat ehdottomasti olleet osatekijänä siinä, että olen alkanut katsella omistamaani kamamäärää kriittisemmällä silmällä.