15 January, 2013

Challenge: Those wonderful small things

 I got challenged by my friend Inari (who writes a wonderful blog called Ikomi) a while back (way before Christmas) to make a list of ten things that are my favorites at the moment. I made the list back then but just never got around posting it (wanted to add more pictures), but even tough might list some other things right now, I'll keep the old one just because it's a good list. I'll just few time references so it won't be super confusing. 

The original instructions where in Finnish (I've copied them to the end of this post), but I'll translate them for you:
  1.  Make a list of ten (10) things that are your favorite things right now.
  2. Tag at least five (5) blogs you like to the challenge and let them know they are tagged.
  3. (Then there is a part about wanting to take part in a shop installation in Moko shop in Helsinki, but it's long so I don't bother to translate it now.)

My favorite things  (in no particular order)

Photo by George Mathew (CC, source)
Color yellow
I've had a strong yellow period for a while now and it doesn't seem to be fading out any time soon.

Book Puluboin ja Ponin kirja by Veera Salmi
The funniest childrens book I've had the pleasure to read in a while and still it manages to be touching and deep at the same time.

Poems by Tuomas Timonen
I don't read a lot of poems but I love the writing of Tuomas Timonen. And as I do not own his books, I keep borrowing them from the library at least once a year. And now is that time of year again.


Rachel Wiley
Speaking of poetry, Rachel Wiley is my newly found favorite poet. Such powerful words.

Photo by Myra Khawar (Source)
I bought a skirt with sequins in the hem a while back and the comment I got from the roommate was "That doesn't look like you at all". Well, I don't care and I'm still very fond of it. And I made a beanie from a yarn that has sequins in it. So maybe it's the new me. 

Textile art
This is an artform that has been intriquing me more and more lately. The combination of techniques and materials can result into beautiful things. I even bought the book in the picture few weeks ago as an inspiration.

Rico Design Essentials Merino DK yarn
I bought this yarn a little while ago and what an excellent yarn it is! A 100 % merino wool that actually feels like soft cotton. This is something even my easily irritated skin can handle with no problem.

Christmas lights
I'm usually not a huge decorator at Christmas time, but I during the darkest time of the year, any light is a good thing. I especially love my own Christmas star. This year I'm also planning to get some kind of lights for my bedroom window, just to make it feel big more festive.

DIY Chirstmas balls
Notice how I said usually not in the previous one? Well for some reason I've been very intrigued about alk kinds of home made Christmas balls this year. Time will tell if this interest will result into any actual balls tough...

Photo by Nauska. (source)
Janne Westerlund
Last autumn I hadn't heard of this wonderful Finnish musician but in October I saw him live and am pretty much hooked.

I'm not going to challenge anyone because I am so late with posting this and because most of the blogs I read have already had this. But if anyone reading this feels like joining in, you can consider yourself challenged. :)

* * *
Inari haastoi minut mukaan listaamaan pieniä ihania asioita.

Tässä ohjeet haasteeseen osallistumiseen: 

  1. Listaa tämän hetken kymmenen (10) lempiasiaasi (voit halutessasi kopioida haastepostaukseen yllä olevan blogihaastekuvan ja/tai käyttää omia kuviasi)

  2. Jaa haaste vähintään viidelle (5) tykkäämällesi blogille ja ilmoita siitä heille

  3. Voit halutessasi myös osallistua Mokon myymäläinstallaatioprojektiin sekä Mokon lahjakortin arvontaan lähettämällä oman lempiasiat -listasi osoitteeseen mokomarket@moko.fi otsikolla: Minun lempiasiani. Ilmoitathan meilissä yhteystietosi. Kaikista lähetyistä lempiasioista valitaan osa ja nämä valitut aiheet tulevat olemaan osa Moko Marketissa järjestettyä esillepanoinstallaatiota, jota päivitetään viikottain teidän lähettämillä lempiasioilla. Jokaisen esiteltävän lempiasian yhteydessä mainitaan lempiasian kertojan nimi ja paikkakunta. Voit seurata myymälän installaatioita Facebook-sivuilta. Kaikkien osallistujien kesken arvotaan 3 kpl 50€ lahjakortteja Moko Markettiin (arvo yht. 150€). Teidän lempiasioiden mukaan elävä Lempiasioita -näyttely rakennetaan viikolla 41 ja arvontaan voi osallistua 3.10- 2.11.2012. Moko Oy pidättää oikeuden muutoksiin.

  4. Muista nauttia listaamistasi lempiasioista mahdollisimman usein!

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  1. I'm commenting! This is a wonderful idea, maybe I'll snag it and post it on my opendiary. I have a blogspot somewhere, but I haven't used it in years. :( Uhm.. but yay for blogging! :)