29 October, 2012

GISHWHES, or, am I out of my mind doing this?

A screenshot from the GISHWHES hope page.
I'm pretty nervous today. I'm pretty nervous and excited because in less than 11 hours will begin something pretty crazy and awesome I was lured into taking apart of. That crazy/awesome thing is called The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen or GISHWHES for short. Damn you my dear nerdfighter friends who got me so excited that I can't back out anymore. :)

How does GISHWHES work then? People are forming global groups of 15 between friends or strangers. These groups are given a huge list of all kinds of strange items that they'll try to create withing the given timeframe, photograph or film them and submit those photos or videos. (To get an idea what the list is like, see last years list here.) The teams get points based on which items they have created and how creative they've been. In the end, the team that has the best score wins a trip to a haunted castle in Scotland.

So yeah, that's what I'll be doing all my free time for the rest of this week. I'll share with you some of our items after all the mayhem!

*  * *
Olen osallistumassa kansainväliseen GISHWHES nimiseen kilpailuun, jossa 15 hengen joukkueet haastettaan tekemään erilaisia erikoisia tehtäviä. 

16 October, 2012

4 reasons to start a new blog

I've had several different blogs over the years. So why am I starting a new one?
  1. I wanted to write in English and only in English. The previous blog I have had was in Finnish and even tough I tried to incorporate English there, it really didn't work there.
  2. I wanted to write about knitting, crocheting and other crafts and they didn't seem to fit very well to that previous blog.
  3. I need a way to share some things that don't quite work in other social medias I use.
  4. It's just fun to do something new sometimes.
Päivää = Good day.
This photo has nothing to do with the post, but I like it and I'll be posting more photos here for sure.

I can assure you that more lists and other things will be appearing here in the future. :)

* * *
Uuden blogin aloittamiselle voi aina keksiä hyviä syitä. :D