09 January, 2013

Finished: Mrs. Zoé

It's probably about time I actually posted about something I knitted, don't you think? This is a project I actually made last autumn. I even wrote about it before Christmas. But I just didn't get around adding the picture before now. So here you go, the first crafty project for this blog. :)

Pattern: Mrs. Zoé (Slightly modified) - circular scarf with button
Yarn: Zitron Nimbus, colorway 01
Buttons: Old buttons I had at home, probably from the collections of my great aunt.

Why I made this: This scarf was made for my sister. I gave to her and her family (and my brother and his family too) a knitting gift card as a Christmas present in 2011 and am slowly fulfilling all the wishes. My sister wish was to get a scarf similar to a scarf I'd made for her few years back. That scarf was a circular scarf that went around her neck three times so I went for a hunt to find a nice pattern for a circular scarf.

What I liked in this project: I really liked the yarn. It's very soft and fluffy but no roving yarn so it was easy to handle and it didn't break easily. I also very much liked that even tough the pattern was pretty simple, it had an interesting texture. The third thing I was very happy about were the buttons I happened to find and that in my oppinion fit to the yarn and pattern perfectly.

What I didn't like in this project: I was bit bummed out that I kinda run out of yarn and the scarf goes around the neck only two times instead of three. I found it kinda hard to figure out the chart in the pattern instructions. In general I work better with written instructions.

What I learned: In theory there wasn't a lot of new technique in this for me, but I actually learned a few new tricks while doing this scarf. 1) I figured out what is the right way to do holes when you are doing lace knitting. (For some reason I have had lot of trouble figuring this out) and 2) I learned a nice new way to do the edges of a flat object. Not big things but nice things to learn.

Was I happy with the end result: Yes. In the end the cowl looked really nice and more importantly like somthing I could imagine my sister using. I have already given it to her, but have not heard yet what she thinks about it so I'll probably update her comment here when I get them. Update:  My sister likes her cowl very much, as does her daughter. That is to say that the daughter almost stole it from my sister. :D I made her an own cowl instead.

Project page in Ravelry 

* * *
Neuloin ihanan napitettavan rinkulahuivin siskolleni. Lanka oli ihanan pehmeää, ohje simppeli mutta mielenkiintoinen ja nappeina pääsin käyttämään pois vähän vanhoja varastoja. eniten harmitti, kun lanka ei ollutkaan niin riittoisaa, kun olin kuvitellut. Myös sisko piti huivista, kuten myös hänen tyttärensä, joka miltei varasti sen omaan käyttöönsä. Kaikin puolin siis onnistunut projekti.

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