22 February, 2013

Lets go creating (The Pinterest Challenge)

Eliza, who writes the blog If & Any made a post about a challenge she is going to do and as it sounded like a lot of fun so I decided I try to do it too. The challenge she wrote about is The Pinterest Challenge - winter edition which is hosted by Young House Love and some other blogs too.

The simple idea in this challenge is to go look your Pinterst boards and actually create something inspired by something you have pinned. Time you'll have for this: this weekend. The official deadline is Wednesday 27th of February, when links to the finished projects should be submitted.

I don't yet know what I'll be doing, but I have few ideas I could work on...

A wreath
The ones I have pinned are include these more traditional ones (1, 2 and 3) and also this one that is little bit more out there. I have a styrofoam base for a wreath in my crafting supplies but then again it's kinda the wrong season for making one as a wreath is a Christmas ornament for me.

These cards are adorable, I just need to start sending cards so I can used them for something.

The style of the beads used in this project is way of but I'd love to try this kind of technique for a piece of jewelry.

Lampshades for fairylights
I have my lovely fairylights and it could be fun to have some kind of lampshades (1, 2 and 3) on them, just for a change. Then again this is also a project that would be better suited for autumn.

Holders for hooks and needles
I have a reasonable storage solution for my needles and hooks right now, but I wouldn't mind having individual holders like these for my needles.

Some unique pillows
I have three decorative pillows with no covers so it might not be a bad idea to make some beautiful covers for them (1 and 2).

Cook something
I have so many yummy looking recipes stored in Pinterest it wouldn't hurt if I tried out something from there for a change.

So here are my options, we'll see what I end up creating in the next few days! How about you will you also join in and create something new?

* * *
Young House Love -blogi haastaa ihmisiä luomaan uutta Pinterestiin keräämiensä asioiden inspiroimana. Aikaa ensiviikon keskiviikkoon. Haaste kuulosti niin hauskalta, että pitäähän sitä lähteä mukaan. Yltä löytyy muutama ajatus siitä, mitä kenties voisin väkertää ensi viikonloppuna. Lähteekö joku muu mukaan tähän haasteeseen?


  1. Kuulostaapas hauskalta! Hmm, taidanpa ottaa osaa! Eräs projekti onkin ollut jo jonkin aikaa kytemässä mielessä ja tämä voisi olla hyväkin sytyke aloittamiseen.

    1. Mun mielestä tää on erinomainen haaste. Itse ainakin seulottua omia "neuloja" vähän erilaisella silmällä ja nyt on mielessä kuplimassa useampikin idea, joita pitää päästä toteuttamaan.