16 February, 2013

Challenge: Strange habits

The blog Silmukan saalistus challenged me to list five strange habits I have. So here we go, my strange habits:
  1. I have a habit of taking random things I own, hanging them somewhere and then to just let them hang there for ever before actually placing them somewhere logical. For example I have a reflector hanging from my rooms door handle and a Chinese decoration thing in a hook that happens to be in the middle of my rooms doorway - very inconvenient if you as the people who are taller than me. :D
  2. I like to walk around while I'm brushing my teeth. While growing up I used to pace back and forth in the bath room, nowadays I tend to wonder around the flat or at least between my room and the toilet. To be kind to my roommate I do try to avoid going to rooms where she is as she doesn't particularly like to listen me brushing my teeth.
  3. I like putting lemon pepper on top of my rye bread sandwiches so I do it almost always I have one.
  4. I read books while walking. Not always but sometimes.
  5. I sleep with socks on my feet. (I need to note that I don't think this is strange but quite many people around me have told me it is.)
It is surprisingly hard to come up with 5 things to list here. Especially so when I personally think very few things are truly strange. But these are things that I do and think are different from the "normal".

Part of this challenge was also to challenge 15 other blogs. I'm not going to do that mainly because I feel like 15 is a ridiculous number and frankly I'm not very good in choosing blogs I'd like to challenge. I kinda don't want to bother people... So I think that even if I receive these challenges/prizes also in future, I probably won't challenge people every time. Just occasionally or when there is a particularly interesting/new challenge I want to spread out.

The blogs I like and want to share with my readers are listed in the "Who I read" section of the blog anyway and I keep adding stuff there. So, you know, it's a good section to check occasionally. :)

How ever, if any of you lovely people reading this feel like listing some strange habits you have in your blog, you should feel challenged to do so, as this (and any future challenges I don't specifically challenge anyone to do next) will be open challenges to all my readers!

Oh, I also got the New Blog Love prize from Inari! Thank you so much about that, I appreciate it a lot, but like the strange habits challenge, I won't be giving it out to anyone right now.

(Edit. You can now also follow this blog in Bloglovin or in Blogilista if you feel like it.)

* * *
"Kerro viisi omituisinta tapaa itsestäsi ja jakaa palkinto 15 muulle inspiroivalle blogille." Tällaisen haasteen minulle antoi Silmukan saalistus -blogi. Yllä jaoin omituisuuksiani, mutten en suoraan haasta ketään, vaan jätän haasteen avoimeksi kaikille lukijoille.

Lisäksi sain Inarilta New Blog Love -tunnustuksen.

(Edit. Blogiani voi nyt seurata myös Bloglovin- tai Blogilista-sivustojen kautta.)

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