06 February, 2013

Hobbit seed cake

Even tough I planned to cook something new every month of this year, I kinda already failed January. But worry not, I'm not giving up. Instead I plan to catch up during February. And I'm already on a good start as I made something completely new for me last weekend: a dry cake!

The finished seed cake fresh out of the owen.

To be more exact I made a Hobbit seed cake. It is a dry cake with caraway seeds, orange zest and vanilla extract. I found the recipe online from a site called The Hobbit Second Breakfast and as it's readily available there and I didn't really make any major changes to the recipe, I won't copy it here. So if you are interested to try it out, head over there to catch the recipe.

The cake was made for a party of a sort I had with my friends last Sunday and where we kinda celebrated the end of a year long Hobbit movie project. All the food was Hobbit inspired, not just the seed cake. There was for example also a Smaug bread and Misty Mountains treats. Everything there was definitely delicious.

Nom nom.

I didn't quite know what to expect from this cake as I had never eaten a cake with caraway seeds before, but the cake turned out so delicious I was happy to take the leftovers home with me. I also rather enjoyed making a dry cake and will definitely be trying out other recipes too in the future. So YAY for branching out to new things in the kitchen!

* * *
Tein erityistä tarkoitusta varten Hobitin siemenkakkua, johon tuli kuminan siemeniä, appelsiinin kuorta ja vaniljaa mauiksi. Kakku oli herkullista ja sitä tekee varmasti mieli leipoa uudestaankin!


  1. Toi näyttää jännältä. Maistaisin mielelläni.

    Ja hei, sulle on haaste blogissani: http://ikomi2.blogspot.fi/2013/02/lisaa-blogihelmia-more-great-finnish.html

    1. Olin oikeastaan vähän yllättynyt siitä, miten hyvää tuo oli. Makeaa, muttei ollenkaan liian makeaa ja maussa on kivasti ulottuvuuksia. Niin ja kakkujauhot oli tässä ihan ehdottoman hyvä valinta! Pitää varmaan tehdä uudestaan joskus lähitulevaisuudessa ja kutsua sut maistelemaan. :)

      Kiitos myös haasteesta, pitää palata siihen asiaan mahdollisimman pian.