14 February, 2013

Finished: Dalek mitts

 Time to talk about a new project. This time we get more nerdy with a project and pattern that was heavily inspired by Doctor Who.

Pattern: Dalek-Inspired Fingerless Gloves
Yarn:Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK colorways 127 and 170

Why I made this: I took part to a Secret Santa gift exchange in a nerd group before this last Christmas. The person that I was supposed to send a gift for mentioned in their "three things I like" -list that they liked Doctor Who so as I felt like doing something for them myself (as opposite to buying something new) and am a whovian myself, it was more than natural to look for a smallish project with Doctor Who inspiration.

Photo by Rose, the person I sent these mitts to.

What I liked in this project: I actually really like how well designed the pattern is. Those mitts really look like Daleks! And I really liked that this was a challenge. I had to make an effort to make these as there was elements to the pattern that I had never done before.

What I didn't like in this project: Honestly, the tumb of these mitts isn't my favorite. I first made it following the pattern, then I had to go and redo it with modification, because it just wasn't working. And I still wasn't happy with that when I shipped them of. If I ever make these mitts again, I think I have to rethink the tumb. I'm also not probably the biggest fan of this particular yarn even tough it worked well for the purpose of this project and cave the mitts that slightly metallic shine I was looking for.

This is also by Rose. She definitely didn't forget to be awesome! :)

What I learned: Surprisingly lot about crocheting. I especially learned, how you can create different textures on the work with very simple tricks.

Was I happy with the end result: Yes. It wasn't the easiest project, but it was a fun one and the best part was that the recipient was very happy with them also.

Project page in Ravelry 

* * *
Tein TV-sarja Doctor Whon innoittamat kynsikkäät lahjaksi erään nörttiryhmän Secret Santa -lahjan vaihdossa. Lahjan vastaanottaja oli kirjannut Doctor Whon yhdeksi kiinnostuksen kohteekseen ja kun se on yhteinen, oli lahjakin helppo keksiä. Kynsikkäistä tuli hauskat ja tunnistettavat ja ainoa asia, johon en ollut erityisen tyytyväinen oli peukalon kohta.

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