18 May, 2014

Finished: Braid basket

Few days ago I talked with Inari about WIP projects and blogs. We agreed that more often than not, if you post an unfinished project to your blog, you will never finish it. I know that this rule is more thue in my case than I'd like to admit. How ever I'm happy to note that post is actually breaking that rule. This is one of the projects I posted about last week.

The finished basket.
Pattern: No pattern, just a shape from the top of my head.
Yarn: The blue and brown stripes of an old sheet.

Why I made this: I'd say it was a craft of opportunity. Few weeks back at Kierrätystehdas I ended up hanging around at one of the workshops for almost a half a day because my best friend was working there and our mutual friend who happens to live abroad was also there.

At this particular workshop they were making things from re-purposed fabrics by crocheting or braiding and sewing by hand. As I have crocheted a lot I decided to try out this other technique that was new to me. All I actually managed to do in the workshop was rip the material and braid it ready for sewing. Me not having a concept of how long a project will take - absolutely nothing new under the sun!

The braided sheet ready to be sewn to a shape.

What I liked in this project: It was exciting to try out a new technique for the first time. I also liked both parts of the process: braiding the fabric and sewing it together to make the basket. I also really liked the idea of making the change of color a gradual one by not changing all the parts of the braid at the same time.

What I didn't like in this project: The basket is bit uneven and I'm bit sad that I wasn't more diligent to braid the fabric to equal tension all the way through. Now the uneven tension shows a little bit in the unevenness of shape. I also had some problems with tying of the thread I used for sewing (and lazy to go back to fix the problems I had) so the thread shows on the outside in few spot even tough it shouldn't.

Another thing that didn't quite go as planned was the gradual color change I liked as an idea. As I didn't know what exactly I was doing, in the final product the change of color happened bit too fast for my liking. Next time I will make the length between the changes longer.

This is how you sew the rounds of braid together - you do not actually go through the fabric but under the loops in the braid. Quite brilliant actually, all tough I'd recommend you use a blunt needle. 

What I learned: A new technique to use when I want to make stuff like baskets or rugs or something like that.

Was I happy with the end result: Mostly yes. It's not the most elegant looking basket I could have made, but I love that I learned a new technique and it was so much fun to do a basket this way. And I think a small basket like this will turn to be handy around the apartment. At the moment I think I'll store my chargers in it so they are not a huge mess on my table.

The surface actually looks pretty cool, even with the little imperfections.
* * *

Osallistuin Kierrätystehtaalla työpajaan, jossa tehtiin asioita kierrätyskankaista virkaten ja letitettyä kangasta muoton ommellen. Päätin kokeilla letitystekniikkaa, koska se oli minulle uusi tekniikka. Tuloksena oli hauska pieni kori, joka ei ehkä ole mitenkään täydellinen (letin muotoon ompeluun käytetty lanka näkyy päälipuolelle muutamassa kohtaa ja muotokin on vähän, noh, möykkyinen), mutta silti oikein kelpo esimerkiksi laturijohtojen säilytykseen. Tätä helppoa ja hauskaa metodia tulee varmasti tulevaisuudessakin käytettyä.

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