25 March, 2013

Busy busy busy

Dear blog (and it's readers), I have not abandoned or forgotten you. I've just been terribly busy lately and when I have bot been busy, I've been terribly tired about all the things that have kept me busy. So I just have not had time to think about posting anything here. I've even missed a bunch of March and my Journal days during the last week. This means I need to catch up with those and other stuff and do some of the posts I've been thinking about but have not done.

I have few busy days left so not proper posts yet, but during Easter time I'll be writing some for you. I promise! It will be fun too as during all this being busy business I've also had time to work on few knitting projects. You'll hear about them later. :)

* * *
On ollut ihan kamala kiire viimeaikoina, joten en ole ehtinyt päivittää tänne mitään vähään aikaan, enkä ehdi kyllä parin lähipäivänkään aikana, mutta pääsiäisen aikaan ehdin varmasti taas. Sitten ehdin ehkä kirjoitella niitä juttuja, joita mielessä on ollut, jotka ovat jääneet kiireen keskellä roikkumaan.

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