16 October, 2012

4 reasons to start a new blog

I've had several different blogs over the years. So why am I starting a new one?
  1. I wanted to write in English and only in English. The previous blog I have had was in Finnish and even tough I tried to incorporate English there, it really didn't work there.
  2. I wanted to write about knitting, crocheting and other crafts and they didn't seem to fit very well to that previous blog.
  3. I need a way to share some things that don't quite work in other social medias I use.
  4. It's just fun to do something new sometimes.
Päivää = Good day.
This photo has nothing to do with the post, but I like it and I'll be posting more photos here for sure.

I can assure you that more lists and other things will be appearing here in the future. :)

* * *
Uuden blogin aloittamiselle voi aina keksiä hyviä syitä. :D

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  1. Olet tullut haastetuksi blogissani :)